FLUKE Slip Ring


​​​Chene's Fluke Style Anchors come in four sizes to fit every boating need, from kayaks to pontoons and large fishing boats.

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hene Anchor


Ice Spuds/Tee Bolts/Line

Our products are available at several nationwide retailers, as well as local retailers throughout the state of Michigan, Indiana & Ohio.  

   201 Industrial Way, Fenton, Michigan 48430, United States

Please call 517-202-2949 for a Retailer near you 

Chene's Specialty Anchors are designed with a specific purpose in mind - whether it's mooring platforms, river fishing or sandy bottom.

Perfect for river fishing or temporary mooring 

The Torpedo 

Chene also offers a selection of safety spuds, as well as tee bolts and other anchor accessories.

 Proudly made by     Epic Machine Inc..



We will be with Freeway Sports Center - Booth 2354

Show special  $65.00

 Ultimate Sport Show - Grand Rapids, Michigan