201 Industrial Way, Fenton, Michigan 48430, United States

Chene's Specialty Anchors are designed for specific uses-

  • Temporary mooring for swim rafts, shore moorings and docks. 
  • Drift fishing or river fishing - requiring no CHAIN
  • Uniquely crafted River Anchors 

Chene Ice Spuds & Accessories - include line and tee bolts.

  • Safety Spuds
  • Line
  • Tee Bolts


Chene's Fluke Anchors feature a unique shank configuration that rotates a full 90 degrees allowing the flukes (sharp point that dig into the bottom) to penetrate deeply with a full 45 degree set.  This 45 degree angle provides four times more holding power than other slip ring anchors and, as a result, the Chene anchor requires 70% less anchor line and performs best with approximately a 2 to 1 line to depth ratio.  

The unique slip ring design also allows for easy retrieval.  The solid steel construction is more durable with welds that extend the entire length of adjoining surfaces and zinc coating that helps protect against the harshest environments including saltwater.  Proudly manufactured in the USA, the Chene Anchor comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The Chene Anchor sets the gold standard for anchors.

How Does it work?

hene Anchor